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The 4.0 revolution has a strong impact on many industries and fields all over the world in general and Vietnam in particular. The application of high technology in the digital economy considered as a catalyst to promote the development of all industries including Transportation, Construction, Mining, etc.

AZ Technology Corporation was established on the eighth of June, 2016 based on that trend acknowledgement. Due to the orientation of applying and transferring advanced and top leading technologies in the world in line with business, management and research activities of enterprises, orgnizations and research institutes in Vietnam, we have been constantly researching, developing the applications and ransferring the latest and most innovative technologies. This has delivered a strong contribution into the prosperity of Vietnam.

AZ Technology Corporation aims to become a "top leading technology company" providing and delivering high-tech solutions and equipment for private enterprises and state-owned organizations. We commit to giving our customers the highest standard solutions as well as bringing satisfaction to the clients in the proper service, the competitive price, the professional and competitive after-sales service.

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