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  • Pile test equipment

    Pile test equipment




    Founded more than ten years ago, we specialize in developing pile testing systems for quality control and integrity testing of deep foundations: piles, shafts, caissons and barrettes...

  • Field Vane Shear Test Equipment

    Field Vane Shear Test Equipment

    GEONOR has been a pioneer in the development of geotechnical field equipment (vane testers and borers, soil sampling) geotechnical drilling rigs, geotechnical laboratory equipment, and in particular geotechnical and meteorological instrumentation based on vibrating-wire technology.

  • Diagnostic System for wire ropes and tubes
  •  Parking and Access Control

    Parking and Access Control

      Controles Electromecánicos, Neology’s subsidiary, offers a wide range of solutions in parking and access control. The company designs and manufactures their own equipment with the latest technology available on the market using internationally renowned suppliers.